Way2ABI online presence

Our online presence can be mainly noticed with a) five product specific websites such as,,, &, b) two e-commerce portals &, c) social media website, d) official website of the Company and e) three mobile Apps Way2Agritech, Way2ABI Agri FBI & Way2Market Agri CM. Product specific websites included both agri input and agri output related products and services. All these online services can be accessed instantly by clicking on this image individually. All our websites are mobile responsive - farmers and other users of our services and products can browse through their mobile, understand about products & services, interact with us and finally book for the products and services. Collectively we have good number of visitors per day to our websites and Mobile Apps. Our online services are wholesome and scalable. “Products selection provision - Knowledge gap building - customer reach options” have been well received by the customers.

Online services explained address the issue of agribusiness exposure and market knowledge on agri commodities and trading in agri-tech products and agricultural produce. Our core focus is to assist transformation of agriculture or farming activities into agribusiness. is a comprehensive agri-technology solutions covering agri inputs, implements and machineries for the farmers and other users. The objective of Way2Agritech is to catalyst agricultural technology adoption by the farmers, knowledge transformation and promotion of quality agri-tech products and sales generation. is a unique business model by Way2ABI with a focus on providing convenience in supply of vegetables, fruits, food grains & other food products to the HORECA segment, institutional buyers, apartments & households. Www.way2foods covers a wide range of products/crops incl. fresh or bulk produce and branded products besides cut vegetables, combo packs etc. is a social media website for promotion of quality and cutting edge agri-inputs or agri tech products and agricultural crops or niche & quality food products. This covers emerging trend both in agri input or agri tech products and also in agri output sector at the national level and also niche products and services offered by Way2ABI. is a portal by Way2Agritech for providing best quality plant nutrients and bio products at competitive prices to the farmers. Our major plant nutrients and bio products are Dr Soil health, Areca special, Dr Soil health plantation special, Phyton T, Bio NPK, Bio Potash, Power plus, Samrakshak and Neem products. is a portal by Way2Agritech for providing best quality agriculture machineries at competitive prices to the farmer’s incl. Honda power products. Our flagship agri machineries included Honda products, power tiller, power reaper, chaff cutter, milking machine, coconut de-husker, agri sprayer, coconut climber, implements and tools. is an initiation by Way2Agritech for promotion of the concept “Urban Agriculture” also called terrace gardening and kitchen gardening. We focus on providing best quality products and services to the urban customers. Our urban agriculture major products are seeds, nursery plants, shade net, grow bags, coco peat, potting mix, vermicompost, plant nutrients, garden kits and garden tools. is an initiation by Way2Foods for providing best quality vegetables mainly to customers in Bengaluru including households, apartments and HORECA segment. Our flagship vegetables are ashguard, tomato, potato, onion, coconut, ginger, lemon, mushroom, garlic and vegetables combo. by Way2Foods is to provide best quality groceries mainly to customers in Bengaluru including households, apartments and HORECA segment. Our flagship groceries included rice, tur dal, sunflower oil, coffee powder, jaggery, spices, millets, dry fruits & nuts, food kits and groceries combo.

“Way2ABI Agri FBI” App provides periodical price outlook and market insights for crops such as Coffee, Arecanut, Pepper, Coconut and Copra, Cashew nut, Maize, Tur, Cotton, Onion and Tomato. Content of this innovative and revolutionary App is based on extensive research and analysis covering market fundamentals, application of statistical tools and technical analysis.

"Way2market Agri CM" This app offers best Trading Platforms, mobile revolution led and IT enabled, need to emerge within the system. Way2Market Agri CM App would connect the farm and the market. Under “Store – Availability”, the Customers can view list of agricultural produce and products available for sale and can contact the farmers and others. Under “Wish list – Requirements”, the Marketers can search and contact the Customers from the list of categories of farm produce and products.

"Way2Agritech” App has been rolled out to catalyst agricultural technology adoption by the farmers, knowledge transformation and promotion of quality technology products & sales generation. With this, large network of farmer (buyer) and seller (manufacturer) will be the target. This App will be connected with other initiatives such as E-Commerce, physical outlets, customized product development and channel partner programmes.

Way2ABI IT Solutions

Way2ABI assists at every stage of online service development life cycle from conceptualization to development to digital marketing & SEO to maintenance to agri-tech products suppliers. Our services are confined to Agri and allied sectors. Here under are key features of our services.

SEO & Digital Marketing

  • Websites review & upgradation into SEO doable web

  • On-page promotion plan and execution

  • Off-page promotion for different websites

  • Content and e-mail marketing for better reach

  • Video marketing to attract more customers

  • Social media promo content and outreach

  • If suitable, we work as a channel partner or dealer

Web Design and Development

  • Website infrastructure planning and management

  • UI design and development

  • Static/ dynamic web designing and development

  • Redesigning of existing website to make it responsive and more powerful than ever before

  • Testing of your website to make sure everything is according to the best practices

  • Web hosting services

  • In brief, responsive websites or web apps using cutting edge technologies to deliver an excellent user experience and boost your brand

E-Commerce & M-Commerce

dr soil health price

  • e-commerce & m-commerce strategy, planning, design and development

  • Sales reporting

  • Shopping Carts with Payment Gateways integration

  • Mobile and social e-commerce

  • B2B/B2C applications

  • Concisely, workable online commercial e-commerce setup with powerful quality to meet your agri and allied sectorneeds

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