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Technology based agriculture is need of the day. Emerging trend in agri-tech in India and other countries, adoption of technology by the farmers, agri-tech products knowledge, developments across different product categories and agri-tech products awareness creation through workshops and farmers’ meet etc. are the factors to be considered for betterment of the agriculture sector in India. Farm mechanization and agri-tech products adoption at different levels has to happen in a big way to address the issue of farm labour shortage and also improve the efficiency of crop cultivation activities.Some of the recent development of Indian

agri-tech system are: adoption of Information Technology (IT), GPS technology, irrigation systems, breeding, tissue culture, Nano-technology and shifting towards organic plant growth promoters and protection products etc. Today’s agriculture needs not only high tech products but also use of quality inputs, conservation of soil, water, environment and marketing facilities. Further, there is an urgent need for facilitation of sourcing and adoption of right agri-tech products and also farmers’ awareness creation on better agricultural practices for better agriculture in India.

Government Policies & Notifications

  1. Farmers seek abolition of GST on farm-related machinery

  2. APRIL 22, 2022
    Farmers have sought abolition of GST on agriculture-related implements including fertilizers to help reduce the input cost besides appointment of agriculture officer for each Gram Panchayat. The issue came up during the visit of B.C. Patil, Minister for Agriculture, to Thaluru village in Mysuru district on Friday to participate in a ‘’day with a progressive farmer’’ initiative in vogue since the last few months. The concept entails the Minister accompanied by officials from the department of agriculture, district administration and zilla panchayat, interacting with the farmers and learn about the issues plaguing them besides imbibing a few good practices that are being followed and could be propagated for emulation by other farmers. Members of Karnataka State Sugarcane Cultivators Association met the Minister and apprised him of various issues plaguing the agricultural sector. They also wanted an intervention to resolve the ‘’artificial scarcity’’ allegedly being created by fertilizer dealers and subsequently selling it at a higher rate in the black market. The dealers were refusing to sell fertilizers unless the farmers purchased micronutrients, as a result of which farmers were forced to pay despite their dire financial straits, according to the association members. The Minister issued directives to the officials to resolve the matter. Farmers also urged the Minister to take steps to include sugarcane for crop insurance. At present, commercial crops like sugarcane and tobacco are not covered by crop insurance. The Minister said he would take any step required at the State level and told the officials to explore such a possibility. The demand for abolition of GST on agriculture-related equipment also evoked a similar response from the Minister.
    The farmers wanted the government to appoint an agricultural officer at each Gram Panchayat who could act as an interface between the government and the farmers. The Minister said the government intends to recruit a few diploma holders in agriculture in due course, according to the farmers’ association. Mr. Patil, who addressed the gathering of farmers at Thaluru village, said the objective of the ongoing programme was a step in the efforts to make agriculture profitable and infuse confidence among farmers so as to prevent their shift to non-agricultural occupations. The Minister said the Government has taken many initiatives to infuse pride in agriculture among the new generation. By spending a day with farmers it is intended to resolve any issues impeding agriculture, at the local level. The government had launched Vidyanidhi programme through which scholarships were being accorded to children of farmers The subsidy due to the farmers was being credited to their savings bank account directly without the involvement of middlemen. Mr. Patil said emphasis was on micro irrigation and mechanisation of agriculture and the sector was being accorded top priority by the government. District in-charge Minister S.T. Somashekar, senior officials from the department of agriculture and others were present.
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  • Mysuru MP wants GST on bio-fertilizers cut to 5% from 12%

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    • Mysuru MP wants GST on bio-fertilizers cut to 5% from 12%

      March 29, 2022
      In his meeting with Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje, Pratap Simha argues that cut in GST may trigger organic farming in a big way and ease burden on farmers. Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha on Tuesday met Union Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Shobha Karandlaje and urged her to bring down the GST on bio-fertilizers and other organic inputs from 12 per cent to 5 per cent. The MP, who submitted a memorandum to the Minister, said India is positively looking at the year 2022 with great hopes after a catastrophic year-and-a-half due to pandemic and the tax structure is an integral plan of the revival plan.
      “Agriculture contributes 18 per cent to our country’s GDP. Such being the case, bio-fertilizers, biocontrol agents and bio-pesticides are important agri inputs that help in curbing pests and diseases on plants and play a major role in increasing agricultural production. Bio-fertilizers are completely organic in nature with zero chemical residues and they go a long way in promoting sustainable soil health which is the need of the hour,” Mr. Simha told the Minister. However, several such bio-fertilizers are being levied with 12 per cent GST which is like a direct taxation on the farmers’ pocket. Bringing down the slab to 5 per cent will help promote organic farming on a larger scale and also ease the financial burden on the farmer, the MP felt. Mr. Simha also urged the Minister to reduce the GST on biocontrol agents to 5 per cent so as to benefit the farmers and to increase the agricultural production in the country. The list of bio-pesticides that are under the 12 per cent GST bracket such as bacillus thuringiensis; bacillus sphaericus; and trichoderma viride were mentioned in the memorandum by the Minister.


  • AgriTech India 2022, Fri, 26 – Sun, 28 Aug, at BIEC, Bengaluru
  • Krishi Mela Dharwad 2022, 27 – 29, May 2022, at UAS, Dharwad
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  • Natural Products Expo India, ri, 6 May - Sun, 8 May, at UAS, Bengaluru
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    Dr Soil Health

    Dr. Soil Health is an innovation in Biotechnology, a unique product formulated by the Research and development wing of Samarth Bio Tech ltd. Dr. Soil Health is manufactured using plant extracts which supplements energy source for higher yield and harvest and is composed of natural earthworm exudates, seaweeds extract, amino acids, vitamins, Fulvic acids, humic acids, chelated micro and macro nutrients, all of them derived from natural plant origin. Dr. Soil Health will result in development of roots & shoots and stimulates the cell division, improves the crop size and increasing the beneficial micro-organisms.