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Technology based agriculture is need of the day. Emerging trend in agri-tech in India and other countries, adoption of technology by the farmers, agri-tech products knowledge, developments across different product categories and agri-tech products awareness creation through workshops and farmers’ meet etc. are the factors to be considered for betterment of the agriculture sector in India. Farm mechanization and agri-tech products adoption at different levels has to happen in a big way to address the issue of farm labour shortage and also improve the efficiency of crop cultivation activities.Some of the recent development of Indian

agri-tech system are: adoption of Information Technology (IT), GPS technology, irrigation systems, breeding, tissue culture, Nano-technology and shifting towards organic plant growth promoters and protection products etc. Today’s agriculture needs not only high tech products but also use of quality inputs, conservation of soil, water, environment and marketing facilities. Further, there is an urgent need for facilitation of sourcing and adoption of right agri-tech products and also farmers’ awareness creation on better agricultural practices for better agriculture in India.

Government Policies & Notifications

  1. Doubling farm income needs fresh thinking - Centrum report

  2. Jul 6, 2022
    Rising food inflation remains a cause of worry and a drop in the procurement of grains by the government in May remains a key concern for farmers, according to a Centrum Broking report. The broader worry, however, remains on ignoring declining farmers’ income and initiatives in incentivizing them to produce more to avoid a situation where India needs to import food grains from outside as was seen earlier in 2007 and 2016. "FMCG industry deliver strong growth only when the poor people have more money in their hand to spend. When this happens, as a result, the demand becomes huge and the economics of the company does not need any kind of boosters," said Centrum after discussions with Devinder Sharma, a trained agriculture scientist. The government has taken various initiatives such as providing subsidies in fertilizers, deciding minimum support prices (MSPs) for crops (reviewing before every season) and E‐Nam procurement benefits, yet the farmers in the country are facing severe distress. Sharma suggested a few recommendations - more focus on farm mechanization, price assurance to further increase production, and assured income in the hands of farmers which in turn may benefit the economy by large. "The country’s supply chain is production push driven. There are multiple startups working in the right spirit to enable farmers with crop education and monitoring. The change in the mindset has to be brought to the secondary side of the supply chain where the market has to be pushed to be more demand-driven," said Udit Sangwan, co-founder, Agrigator, an agricultural supply chain platform. "This will bridge the information gap and give better visibility on consumer expectations resulting in better planning of crops at the farmer's end and in turn giving better returns." According to the report, improving agriculture contribution and output could become a growth engine for the Indian economy if the entire ecosystem is thought afresh as traditional systems have had a limited role in doubling farmer income.
  3. Centre receives Rs 23,000 crore proposals under Agriculture Infrastructure Fund

  4. Average farm income soars 1.3-1.7 times in FY22 from FY18: SBI Research

  5. IPGA urges government to reinstate exemption of GST levied on pre-packed and pre-labelled agri products

  6. Met department expects monsoon at 103% of average this year

Agritech News & Events


  • Onion prices in India may not rise for the next 3-4 months

  • Interesting times ahead for Indian agri-tech, adaptability the key for companies

  • Why farmers can look forward to a good Rabi season

    • Onion prices in India may not rise for the next 3-4 months

      Oct 07, 2022
      Onion farmers have been battling drastically low prices since last 2 months. Prices across the major onion growing states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat have remained as low. Average Onion wholesale prices in Madhya Pradesh remained is at Rs 856.41/quintal in the 1st week of October and was Rs 698.06/quintal in September 2022. AT the same time Maharashtra saw a marginally higher rate of Rs 1356.84/quintal in the first week of October 2022 which was Rs 1106.5/quintal last month in September 2022. Why prices of onion will not rise? In the last three years, the area under onion has increased by more than 20%. The production in the year 2021-22 was about 31.70 million tonnes which is an increase of 20% over last three years. At the same time there has been tremendous upgradation in the storage infrastructure for the crop. There is ample amount of crop stored as well being harvested from the current season. Experts believe that the prices will remain low since the onion cropping area has not seen any major pest or disease which used to lower the production earlier. Now there are more number of onion farmers in India as compared to 5 years ago and also there are better storage infrastructure. A similar low price is prevailing in the export market as well which is another reason for lower price in domestic market.


  • Global Investors Meet – Nov 2nd to 4th Bengaluru
  • UASB Krushi Mela - Nov 3-6th, 2022 Bengaluru
  • International Conference on Ecological Agriculture and Forestry – 6th Nov Mysore
  • National Conference on Advances in Science, Agriculture, Environmental & Biotechnology – 6th Nov Bengaluru
  • National conference on agriculture and food sciences, 6th Nov, Hyderabad
  • AgroWorld India 2022, 9 – 11th Nov, Delhi
  • International Conference on Agriculture – 13th Nov Bengaluru
  • International Conference on Renewable, Environment and Agriculture, 20th Nov, Coimbatore
  • 3rd Global Vertical Farming Show - GVF 2022, 29 – 30th Nov, Delhi
  • Smart Urban Farming Expo, 9 -11th Dec, Maharashtra
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    agriculture products online

    Agriculture technology

    Today’s agriculture needs not only high technology but also use of quality inputs, conservation of soil, water, environment and marketing facilities

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    agriculture products online

    Food Processing

    There has been a heavy wastage of perishable food products in India post-harvest period. It is estimated that wastage is as high as 30-35% in selected crops.

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    agriculture products online

    Greenhouse or poly house

    Greenhouse cultivation of vegetables, flowers, exotic vegetables, medicinal herbs etc. not only enhance yield and quality but also reduce the use of water, pesticides and nutrients. Further it is also possible to grow off-season crops as we control the temperature,

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    agriculture products online

    Urban Agriculture

    Urban agriculture, also known as urban farming, terrace gardening, kitchen garden, home gardening etc. is to promote the urbanites to produce suitable crops including vegetables,

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    As a part our services and knowledge transformation initiative, we share live demo videos, exposure videos, success stories, feedback from farmers/ customers and training videos. Our farmers/ customers can expect frequent updation of this section.

    Dr Soil Health

    Dr. Soil Health is an innovation in Biotechnology, a unique product formulated by the Research and development wing of Samarth Bio Tech ltd. Dr. Soil Health is manufactured using plant extracts which supplements energy source for higher yield and harvest and is composed of natural earthworm exudates, seaweeds extract, amino acids, vitamins, Fulvic acids, humic acids, chelated micro and macro nutrients, all of them derived from natural plant origin. Dr. Soil Health will result in development of roots & shoots and stimulates the cell division, improves the crop size and increasing the beneficial micro-organisms.